And so it begins…

Funny how life can shock you in some of the most unexpected moments. As I was lounging with my friend Mariah, obsessing over clothing items and blog posts from incredibly posh individuals, she mentioned to me our plan. What’s this plan so you ask? It’s a plan to compile a list of 10 things that we have to do before we are dragged across the stage on May 1st, officially ending our career as Roanoke College students. Graduation day… I am far, far away from being ready to leave the sunniest of places (it always seems sunnier in Salem, Va) to unpack the bags, unload the boxes, and call a new place home. The past four years here have had their highs and lows. An English major who tries far too hard in every aspect of life but continually feels like something is lacking, I’ve come to terms with the truth. Today I officially have 100 days left before I’m an alum. EW.
So as Mariah and I contemplated our lives and our lack of enthusiasm for the evening plans, she came up with a brilliant idea. “Shawna, you should definitely start a blog… documenting all the things we do before we separate for good!” Me, blogging? As I scroll through pages upon pages of posts on fashion trends, savory food recipes, and all the things in between I have never considered that my life would be worth blogging about. Maybe it’s not, trust me I have my fair share of dramatic moments but it’s my own fault for putting myself in foolish situations. Though I hesitated, how could I resist blogging about the unusual students of a private college in Southern Virginia that has it’s fair share of differences.. but it always proves that though we all have our various social groups, we can all connect on one thing. Roanoke College is unlike anywhere else I’ve been, and that in and of itself, is worth talking about.
And so it begins… the first post of many, I’m sure. Ideas, events, and life lessons that I’m sure people can pick apart and find things to relate to. Mariah (the chef) will help anyone who has a lack of cooking skills (trust me I set off the fire alarm everytime I cook and requested a Crock Pot for Christmas so I could attempt to eat something other than chick peas from a can) spice up their lives through dishes that are delicious and painless to prepare. Her boyfriend, aka the boyfriend that every girl wishes they could find, who will be asked questions and will always have the answer that we’ve all been trying to solve and simply can’t let ourselves realize how simplistic it is. My best friend of all time, Kate, will do something insane (per usual) and give this blog more enthusiasm than I could ever try and make up… all the sorority sisters, male species, dramatic dailies, and everything in between. Then there’s me, the girl whose trying to figure out what to do with her free time after officially ending field hockey, sorority presidential duties, and the other things that eat up all my time… It’ll be me, and whoever decides to take a few minutes out of their day to read all the daily dillemmas, as I try to come to terms with my last 100 days and the foggy future that is approaching incredibly quickly. So cheer to us!
I’m hoping this blog will turn into something that my friends, at the least, can look back on and laugh. Let’s document the silly things we do and realize that these next 100 days couldn’t have been any more thrilling.
I’ll end with a quote I stumbled upon in Vogue a few weeks ago… “I’m following my bliss.” It’s as simple as that, a bittersweet ending to the best four years of my life. I hope you enjoy!


2 thoughts on “And so it begins…

  1. i used to have a blog too, but abandoned it as it became way to technical..I admire you a lot for writing down your thoughts and feelings, but mostly for the courage of expressing the real you. One day (when you will have a successful career, kids and wrinkles) you will look back at this blog post and smile. And your smile will be the same: that big, gorgeous smile that can make anyone’s day better.
    About the “last 100 days”…well, they might be the last pages of a wonderful scrapbook, but you know as well as i do that people tend to keep scrapbooks forever.Love you!

  2. BIA!

    your blog is sweet. i just hope you know that yes roanoke is such a special place BUT i am confident that you will do so many great things after you leave there. i’m very proud that you started a blog and i believe that it will be a comfort to be able to look back on some of your best experiences. I know its hard to leave the sunny but it’s really bright on the outside world as well. these next 100 days will be scary but you can do it. have fun and play hard. tell phi mu i say hi!



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