“Walk in our shoes, or stand in our shadows”

7:08 a.m. I roll over and kick off the sheets to grab some water and hydrate myself after an interesting night. The amount of drama that can occur in a matter of hours is somewhat entertaining when you wake up and try to piece together the night. Luckily, senior spring may have it’s fair share of foolish antics in store but we’re all mature enough to laugh it off in the end. That’s not what mattered though, today was bids day. After a rough week of sorority parties and endlessly putting on our picture perfect attire, we were going to get a group of girls to add to Phi Mu. As horrible as it is, it tends to be the biggest excuse to brag about who got what girls, the t-shirt designs that scream sorority life, and whoever puts the cutest pictures up on Facebook that evening.

I can’t lie that after a full evening of confetti, peace signs, dashing smiles and photos, Phi Mu once again comes out on top. Through ridiculous statements and outlandish actions, it’s all in fun because once bids day is complete, it’s back to the everyday drama in the sunny.

Anyways, after a weekend of lounging on couches and creating toasts to another perfect recruitment for the four Greek organizations, it’s nice to know the week has come to an end. It’s all in fun though, and though the sororities batter back and forth over whose pledge class as better, the recognized Greek sororities can at least pride themselves on knowing that we’ve been here all along. For Phi Mu, it’s our 55th anniversary this year as the Gamma Eta chapter and we couldn’t be more proud!

So as another week has started and the fun is just beginning. Now it’s time for the rainy days to clear up, the sun to warm our souls and the day parties to begin. Just remember, with 90 some days to go… this is just the start to an incredible series of events. I’d rather curl up at the end of the day, flicking through various photos, catching up on seminar readings, and exhausting myself at the gym, and be able to look back on the day and know that we have far too much fun. Tears may flow during recruitment speeches, and realizing that my time here sneaks by way too quickly. But here’s some motivation from my fellow sorority sister Abby. To make a pact, that through it all, no matter where we may go tomorrow, in a year, or even in the next twenty minutes, we’ll gather together in Thompson basement and celebrate our success.

If only everyone could be as lucky as us…


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