If you insist…

An image can capture so many emotions with a simple click of a finger. There’s a lot more that goes into photographs than that. Yes, the preparation to make sure all the settings are at exactly what they need to be, the angle of the lens, the reflection of the light. Yet once the negative is developed and the photographer puts the brown film to the light, a sense of relief passes as they see a clear snapshot of a moment in time that was worth capturing. Such is life.

I’ve always been an avid photographer, nothing serious. Just having my camera constantly slipped in a back pocket is all that’s necessary. I can always be assured that if an opportunity arises, I could snatch the camera, push the power button and SNAP… I have an image. Not every photo is a keeper, but when I was scrolling through my Twitter Home page I saw a link by Miles Fisher. If you haven’t heard of him, definitely take a look at some of his music videos, bio, and his blog… his images are what inspired this post. He has endless pages of a wide spectrum of photos through the years. People, places and things. I was captivated. I’m always one to hunt for the perfect quote, but words can only go so far. With art, a piece doesn’t have to say anything and can arouse a whirlwind of feelings that connect you instantly with someones vision.

As many of us look for the job that will take us to our next scene, I’m sure we’re all envisioning our ideal journey in our minds. I can’t tell you the amount of times I brainstorm my perfect apartment, with the decor, the furniture and each and every room design to even the smallest detail. It’s exciting in a way. A blank slate that we get to create. The first splash of color on the wall, to the type of food stored in the fridge. Now that’s something to look forward to.

The sunniest of places has been quite snowy lately. I’m not a huge fan of brisk weather, especially when my roommates and I don’t own shovels and are therefore stuck driving on top of ice and hoping we won’t spin into the brick wall at the back of our parking lot. In a way, it’s an excuse to put on spandex and a sweatshirt and hop on the couch to watch re-runs of television shows and discuss Spring Break options which are quickly approaching. Fun in the sun? That’s a remedy to cure any snowed in blues!

The fraternities had their choice of boys this past weekend and toasted a day to celebration for their newest additions. Drama unfolded as we chanted and cheered, packed into Hotel Market St, and eventually wound up in the Commons munching on wings and giggling as sisters. Allie… I still say your rendition of “The Lion King” would top the charts this month… maybe that along with your story telling and orchestrating with a half-eaten chicken bone, no?

After another action packed, Facebook harassed, icy cold parallel to “Animal House,” we at Roanoke can still say we survived another weekend. We may not have looked our finest after being tackled endless times into frigid snowbanks, but we were able to warm up our souls and on Sunday evening laugh it off and live it up. Emma babe, you looked so good in that Eskimo hat of yours… I’m sure the envious paparazzi got some amazing glamor shots that they’re just dying to post. Now that the past week is through, the official countdown begins to the birthday extravaganza of Kate McG… Big deuce deuce is going to be a debacle! She has some surprises coming her way, oh how we all love surprises.

Cross your fingers the snow melts and that it won’t continue piling up and putting a damper on all of our fun. Pish posh, I’m just teasing… the snow can’t get in the way of anything, I doubt we’ll let it. The days are slowly ticking away… but the Spring is continually getting closer and whose not ready for sunglasses, tanning on the Market St. roof, brightly colored attire and photos documenting it all… better start preparing!


One thought on “If you insist…

  1. im so honored, and its only because im sooo cool that so many paparazzzzzi are attracted to me…what can i say, its a hard life

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