Profoundly magical

As I skidded across the bricks walking back from photography class at a far too early hour to be meandering across campus, I slowed down and tried to distract myself from the bitter winds that were literally smacking me across the face. Flashbacks from the weeks prominent moments  were crossing my mind and that’s when I began to think about several things. People here at Roanoke are a breed of their own… that’s a fact. Some of the rude and inappropriate gestures may baffle us every now and then but luckily there’s a few people who can distract you from that horrible feeling in your gut and bring you back to reality. There are friends that I’ve found at this school that I can’t live without. It’s as simple as that. The thought of being dragged out of my house on the corner and leaving everyone who enjoys spinning on poles in Thompson basement, canoodling together in beds and stalking Facebook for the latest photos, and sitting at the back table at lunch while gazing out upon a mass lunchroom that has far too many things to focus on. I honestly think that without them, I’ll be losing a part of myself. I hope that everyone in their lives can find people that genuinely make them that happy. Sure, we want to kill each other half the time, but that’s what it’s all about. Knowing no matter how bad a situation can be, you have the ability to brush it off and keep friendships strong. I’ve been lucky, and as days go by without posting a few wise words, it’s only because I’m trying to spend every moment with those that matter. Come May, I won’t be able to run up the stairs and harass my roommates, or text my sorority sisters to get some form of entertainment. I’ve spent a lot of time this week with those girls that keep me on my toes. Superbowl, surprises, and snoozing… every waking moment is a story in and of itself.

It has been an eventful week. Eventful meaning, who can find time to write it all down when it seems there’s not enough time to live it. Superbowl fans… Three of my roommates made it an event to feel as though we weren’t missing out on a Superbowl Sunday that had potential to be an amusing evening. Mariah May officially made her first successful wings! ( I provided the frozen wings in a bag, that’s a big contribution right?) Cookies, blue cheese, nachos, celery, and wings… An immaculate spread of goodies for all. I’m not a cook, I take after my mom when it comes to microwave meals and having no clue what to do or how to make myself a wholesome dinner. BUT, the wings were painless. Sauce, seasoning, and pop them in the oven. Simple right? Well Mariah’s first post will be on what she concocted and trust me, its worth trying!

On another note, McNasty had her big deuce deuce hoorah. Mariah and I twiddled our thumbs until Kate had zero clue that we were even celebrating. Off she went to dinner and we took advantage of every moment to decorate the abode with pink streamers, flower petals and balloons galore. Permanent marker permeated the air, Mariah’s cheeks hurt from huffing and puffing on pink and white balloons, but it was all worth it to see our best friend shocked as she came through the door! That’s what friends are for right?

Snow is icing up the roads and our cars. It’s miserable walking out the door and getting blasted by cold air… Miami anyone? Spring break tickets are officially purchased and come Feb. 28th we’re off to spend a week in the sun and sand and wishing we’d never have to return.

Valentines day is this weekend, my least favorite holiday since love and I don’t seem to tango to0 well. So I’m going to celebrate on my own terms. Maybe scrolling through some fashion focused blog posts by my all time fav blog “With Grace and Style”? MG is attending fashion week and I’m sure giving all of us lost souls some insight on the seasons hottest attire. Love can simply be finding an article of clothing that makes you happy. If something makes you happy then that’s love at first sight, and that’s all a girl needs.

It’s almost the weekend. Here’s to sleeping in and getting our beauty rest so we can stay out all night and create history. Bundle up and stay warm, tights and heels can only go so far, and I don’t think frost-bitten toes are something to be envious of.


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