To Love…

A splash of pink is an understatement when it comes to Valentine’s day weekend. Everyone and anyone will make the excuse to find a Barbie Pink dress that if worn any other time would probably make someones head hurt because the pepto bismol tutu is overwhelming in any other element (trust me, my roommates at Hotel Market had to paint over the once pepto pink wall because it was exhausting to stare at). Whether someone’s deeply in love, passionately lustful, or simply has a crush, the weekend is all about praising Cupid for the whimsical magic that happens amongst lovers. Sadly, unless you’re in a relationship here at Roanoke I doubt we can call the antics “whimsical”… hmm.. to each, his own?

After a Friday night of streamers, pink wallpaper, glitter and flirtation, the weekend began whether we liked it or not. Saturday brought on a spur of the moment decision, when Casa decides a day trip to UVA to watch the Men’s Lacrosse games vs. Georgetown and UPenn is the best way to spend our daylight hours. I resisted at first, but after a quick shower, an energy shot and a pair of Ray Ban’s blocking out the blinding sunlight, we were on our way. Two hours later we arrived at the campus, rendezvoused with his family and cheered on from the snowy bank. Tailgating in the freezing wind was more enjoyable than it could have been as we chatted about graduation plans and Roanoke. As the evening approached we said our goodbyes, warmed up the car and headed south to Roanoke. I must say it was a day well spent, but I won’t complain when the weather starts to warm up so day trips and outdoor activities will be more amusing! And then… Sunday officially snuck up on us.

Sunday… Singles awareness day, aka Valentine’s day, can be the high or low mark of many peoples never ending search to find their better half. On a Sunday morning when the weekend has only been somewhat entertaining, my girlfriends and I drowned our sorrows in bed by watching Lifetime movies and making Mimosas. Not only that, but Ashley, Vicki, Adelae, Jess and I toasted our glasses to a day where we’d enjoy the company of one another versus contemplating why, oh why, did the whole boyfriend element never seem to work in our favor. I really can’t complain, I made this decision for myself. Boyfriends in the past were wonderful on this holiday, beautiful vases of daisy’s (my favorite, yet simple, flower) with two roses to symbolize us… what a cute concept, no? But watching lovers swoon over one another and thank their lucky stars that they’ve found someone who just makes them complete, we’ll I won’t lie when I say most of mankind whose lonesome and single do envy such a thing. As easy as it is to sit and think, “Why me?” I have also told myself that this must be the right track I’ve set out on. Though we may not all find the companion our heart is aching for in college, hopefully throwing ourselves out into a new city will give us some potential dates and maybe even the love that we’ve been longing for.

Whether it’s the new Google commercial that shows a French chance encounter that turns into a happy ending, or a Hallmark card from Mom and Dad, the cute Valentines day candy boxes many of us made in elementary school that make me nostalgic for a time when life was far too simple… Those are things that are prominent every year. But the other day in my English Seminar course I glanced over a reading I’d forgotten to review the day before and realized it’s depth. A short story that to me, goes beyond words and shows the magnitude of love and how for many of us, we’re just standing on the edge of the incredible journey that love will take us on… Now I think that’s exciting! I may not have found “true love” yet, but “what am I saying? I’m saying love. And at the edge of love — there we stand.” (Lispector, “That’s Where I’m Going”) Here are my wise words of the hour. Find yourself first. Don’t give up everything and settle on someone who is a mere convenience. The only person who will be there forever is you, as much as friends and family can influence our lives, only you can know your true happiness. Blah, blah, blah, cheesy I know. But I can promise that even when I’ve had my fair share of disappointments, I tell myself everyday that college in particular is the time to find out who you are and what you want. Make that promise to yourself, and as they say, when you’re least expecting it… love will find you.


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