Here and Now…

There’s a certain feeling that one gets internally when they feel that luck is on their side. A warmth that seems to magically curl the corners of your mouth into a smile, a laughter that’s contagious, an overall feeling of success. I’m surprised it’s actually taken me this long to write this blog post considering I was beaming after a successful Skype convo with someone truly inspirational. We all have dreams, sometimes they seem so large that they’ll be impossible to reach. I… I have big dreams. There are individuals in this world who have worked from nothing and have made themselves into someone who others strive to be. Those who will work from the bottom up, learn the industry they’re in, and follow their goals until they’re happy with where they are. Yet even when they’re happy, you see them pushing for more. That’s the kind of person I want to be. To have a sense of pride in what I’ve done and know that my role was beneficial. Yes, I have already stated I have big dreams. Well networking and connections will eventually (keeping my fingers crossed) make that dream a reality. I have always told myself to never settle, who wants to just feel “comfortable.” There’s no fun in that! Passion is what completes a life.

I read in some horoscope/birthday book once about what the day, July 30th, means about the people who are lucky enough to be born on such an eventful holiday. It went something along the lines of, “You’ll always care for your career and push for that more than most of the things that you will come face to face with in life.” Some may see that as lacking in the love/family/fun department, but at the same time, as I look back on my past, my involvement has always been something I find happiness from. After this 45 minute Skype chat I was honestly beaming. To know that someone is impressed with what you’ve done and see’s potential in you… well that’s encouraging enough to continue striving for your ultimate goal! For all those having the wonderful pleasure of job hunting just keep trying. Get your foot in the door somewhere. It may not be your dream job, but at least you’re starting somewhere. Learn the tricks of the trade and get to where you want to be. That should be your promise to yourself…

On another note, it’s almost time for Spring Break… I’m going to Miami. I think it’s time to hop on the plane right… about… NOW! All of us need some time away, and for Seniors it’s a bittersweet week considering this will be our final hoorah with our college friends during our Spring semester. It’s frightening that there is only two or so months left. Therefore, we should all make a promise to fulfill our top 10 to do’s ASAP and start living it up at all times.

In fact, I think some girlfriends and I are heading to 419 for some snacks, drinks, and casual conversation this evening. Enjoy the rest of your busy week, midterms, papers and all. I’m off and will be updating you incredibly soon with Spring Break shenanigans!


One thought on “Here and Now…

  1. Love this entry. I hope that some of that passion for having a career and it being part of who you are comes from me — at least a little bit. Being good at what you do can make a huge difference in how you view yourself. I look forward to seeing that happen in your career.

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