En Route…

Terminals, baggage check, security, wake up calls at 4:15 that are dreadful… It seems to get a trip started off on the right foot, you have to deal with unneccessary problems until you finally arrive at your destination. Miami here we come!
I’ve realized that travel anxiety is always one of the worst feelings to try and overcome. Mariah, Kate and I hopped in the car at a whopping 7:30 am to drive to Easton, MD for the night. Well of course after we arrive we casually start talking about our horrendous wake up time in the morning. It’s then that we realize somethings not right, Kate leaves at 7:30? I could have sworn it was at 6… Well of course, the afternoon was spent with phone calls, issues, and the end result that Mariah and I would be flying separately and Kate was flying solo. Not a good way to start off any Spring Break adventure… Guess this will be one that none of us forget!
It’s about that time to be seated on our way to Newark, NJ. Cross your fingers we all make it to the same place eventually… I think tonight we’re going to need Pina Coladas (several) and a warm bed. Hello Coconut Grove! After the trio gets there things will not be the same…


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