Welcome to Miami…

The wind carries subtle smells of tropical fruit, fresh seafood, and a sweet hint of the ocean salt. It’s not hard taking in the golden sun as it beams on our skin, in our attempt to get an essential amount of Vitamin D for our naturally pale skin tones. As M, K and I lay out our beach towels and drag our lounge chairs into the perfect position for the radiating sun, we bask in all our glory that we are officially on Spring Break. Our travel fears, and packing problems are all pushed aside while we throw on our bikinis and take the elevator down 10 floors to lay pool side.
We were pleasantly surprised when our two immaculate white. Beds were faced towards a window that showed nothing but Biscayne Bay and the endless view of Sailboats that drift in the bay. Who can complain about that? Being out of dreary, cold, Salem and officially having a week without an agenda is my idea of a perfect getaway.
“Fresh Market” is conveniently placed across the street to buy the essentials such as fruit, lime chips, Blue Moon, and sushi here and there. After a night at “Monty’s Raw Bar” we realized it may be best to save our limited funds for cheap dining and the necessary getaway to South Beach this evening. Don’t get me wrong, though the food was not what we were hoping for we did get free entertainment by watching a pot bellied man, with a shaggy grey bowl cut (perfect for him to run his fingers through), thrusted and boogied on the dance floor in his red turtleneck and white linen pants. The three of us saw some dance moves we’d never imagined, and I think we may need to attempt these at a college party before we graduate in 60 days.
Yes, I said it. 60 days. As they say, time flies. Well we won’t let it pass us by. Wherever you are, whether it’s skiing out West, cruising on the open sea, or soaking up the sun in Florida (crossing my fingers I’ll see many of you) make sure you take photos to recollect your late nights. We all have a lot of catching up to do and little time to achieve it all. So I’m off, updating everyone soon, and hoping the first couple days of your breaks won’t measure up to the last ones. Here’s to making it last… Four full days in Miami left to go!


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