Sun Kissed…

“It’s brilliant,” was all Glen had to say before I realized what an interesting man I’d casually begun speaking to. A newly arrived resident at our hotel, he had traveled from England to compete in the sailing event being held in Biscayne Bay, Miami. As Glen, a Cornell graduate with a son at Harvard, talked about speed sailing with his team, he also discussed his travels. Whether it was fishing in Cuba, dining in France, or traveling the open seas with the sails leading the way, the theme was that travel is necessary in fulfilling a lifetime. The example that stuck with me most of all was in regards to french cuisine. As one sits down to dine, the waiter may be “rude as hell” but that’s not what you’re there for. Because the food is what’s simply wonderful and that’s the experience that you’re there for. How true is that? Not every situation will be an all together pleasant experience, but focus on what you desire and its as simple as that. As we talked about graduation plans, navigating for a sailing crew (I may need to take a course on this eventually), and books that grab you, I was glad to have put down my seminar reading to converse with such an intelligent and insightful man. Glen noted that even though we may be graduating and starting something new, twenty years from now we may be back in Miami with our spouse and children (he emphasized this with a hand barely at his knee, a picturesque dream of a family in the future) and reminded me that this isn’t the end. This has been a Spring Break to remember, but there will be far better things to come as we all grow old and stay in touch no matter how far apart we all may end up. That’s what is brilliant. A life with memories that navigate us to our next destination.
As Mariah. Kate and I lay in our double beds, the sun casts a faint shadow on the bay, and we take it all in before our 4 a.m. wake-up and flight.
The weather has been unsteady, but the camera has captured it all. We will no longer be able to sing our “Miami” tunes but we’ll be back in the not so sunny Salem to get ourselves on track before graduation. Whether you’re returning with a nice bronze, a new relaxed state of mind, or a mission to have the final weeks of spring semester fulfill your every hope and dream, then we’ll all be on the same page. Safe trips home everyone, the sunny will be a changed place once we’re back in action. Sun kissed and brilliant…


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