Luck O’ the Irish…

Flashbacks of holiday celebrations came to my mind as I entered work, completely oblivious I had forgotten a green accent with my wardrobe choice. I guess the pre St. Patty’s celebration downtown threw me off. Excuses, excuses. Well after running home and finding some green embellishments, I was able to continue enjoying the day without fear of getting a painful pinch to the arm for my lack of enthusiasm.
As we all get older, the way we celebrate shifts. Not complaining about green beer or anything, but today I referred back to my good ol’ pre-school days at “Bright Beginnings” where teachers went above and beyond when it came to entertaining children. For hours my group of four year old friends and I would frolick around an open field, finding splashes of green and silver sparkles in surrounding trees, patches of flowers, and even gold coins scattered around. Obviously Leperchauns were leading the way to the golden goodies at the end of the rainbow! (If only life could still be that simple)
So after an evening of philanthropy week festivities… Including dodgeball, cornhole and painting of tables, we finished up our days; that is with green beer and frat party celebrations. Who can complain about el rods margaritas and brewskies at sigma cha chi. Oh how I will miss the mish mashed parties and the love fests we all pursue.
So here it is… A final cheer to green beer! Snap as many photos and make as many friends as you can… We’re almost down to a month boys and girls. It is all ending far too soon. Good luck and kiss as many irish folk as you can handle! Mwahhhh, xx


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