Posted in April 2010

“Beautiful Oblivion…”

One minute I’m drifting off to sleep watching a New York apartment shopping show with Mariah and Roger, and the next instant I’m lying in bed with a thousand thoughts crossing my mind. The street lights of Market Street glow through my blinds and mirror the reflection in the silver Tiffany’s bracelet my Pink Pony … Continue reading

“Wherever you go…

Go with all your heart,” (Confucious) and what better advice could anyone receive? At about 12 pm on Wednesday April 21st I ended my massive workload of college assignments. 10 hour exam, check. Alumni weekend debacles, check and check. Complete my college career, check? Reality still hasn’t hit me. Upon ordering graduation gifts, completing work … Continue reading

“I Just Want to Walk in the Sun…”

As the sun beams on the green tin roof, the girls crowd together, share water and sunscreen and people watch hour upon hour. It’s been a good roof day, people waving, old couples giving a thumbs up, and the most adorable teen on a skate board who asked to serenade us. His rendition of “Stand … Continue reading