“I Just Want to Walk in the Sun…”

As the sun beams on the green tin roof, the girls crowd together, share water and sunscreen and people watch hour upon hour. It’s been a good roof day, people waving, old couples giving a thumbs up, and the most adorable teen on a skate board who asked to serenade us. His rendition of “Stand by Me” was incredible! He’ll be a heart breaker when he’s older…
I’ve noticed that boys will be boys and it seems that the relationships we all admire have recently become “relationshits.” I think we all need permanent life coaches to help guide people in the right direction. Sometimes the Roanoke bubble of antics needs to seriously be popped.
The weekends are coming to an end, and spring fever is at a high. Tuesday will mark the 25 day countdown, and I’m becoming excited and emotional. The sororities participated in Derby Days and the final table competition didn’t turn out as we had hoped. Late night hours with Ashley and Kat helped complete what we thought was a masterpiece. A throwback to the classic “got a sig” with a hot babe and the sigma chi flag now features Vernon James Armour in all his glory. Alumni weekend will be even more fun as games are played on a table that epitomizes one of my fav seniors. To each…
The party bus and car rides to Va beach were a thrill. Imitating pole dances and making sure to not break anything, well too many things, was a 48 hour time period of consumption and fun.
I had a request at the bar the other day (cheers to the outdoor bar being open again) and was reminded on my lack of blog posts. Apologies to anyone who enjoys reading, senioritis is fogging my brain. Easter weekend has kept some around but many departed for a getaway. Live it up wherever you are while you can!
Two quick things, anyone who got to meet Sara I hope had the pleasure of seeing my better half in the Sunny. Glad jumping on beds and watching lip syncs could be amusing compared to NYC.
AND to Allie, one of the S.E.A.S., on her engagement! April fools day has never been more confusing but I’m so thrilled that she’s beginning a new chapter in her life. We grow up quickly these days, and I love that we’ll all stay connected through the years to come.
Time flies when you’re having fun, or about to take that diploma in hand and have a slight panic attack. So let the countdown begin, I’m beginning to miss everyone already!


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