“Wherever you go…

Go with all your heart,” (Confucious) and what better advice could anyone receive? At about 12 pm on Wednesday April 21st I ended my massive workload of college assignments. 10 hour exam, check. Alumni weekend debacles, check and check. Complete my college career, check? Reality still hasn’t hit me. Upon ordering graduation gifts, completing work at the PR office and doing dinner with Jeanne Fishwick (college professor and role model) I still have yet to look around and soak it in. I spent hours on Sunday afternoon with my friend Cedric chatting about how much has changed in my four years, and my have things evolved. Or maybe its not even the school itself? Maybe Roanoke prepares us to live it up for four years and then instantly feel like its time to move on. I’ve had so many alumni tell me that the real world is so much better and I don’t think I’m ready to say that just yet. How can any place away from my girlfriends, frat bros, and Roanoke entail anything nearly as amusing?
I was sitting at the back table today, my haven for the past four years, and was genuinely getting upset that in my future employment I won’t have the pure joy of people watching fellow students and giggling at the variety of interesting people I have come to know, or know about. I’m crossing my fingers, legs, toes, everything that I’ll be pleasantly surprised returning to Cville. I’m sure my hometown has a few enjoyable things up its sleeve.
But for now, it’s time to complete papers and exams and let the Fintel doors shut behind you one last time. Say goodbye to all the ones you didn’t know and watch the campus numbers dwindle down to the select few celebrating the 2010 seniors strut across the stage.
I can’t believe my final semester has come to an end, yet I still feel like there is so much I wanted to do.
Guess “Big Hair and Underwear” will have to continue in the next step of my life. Doubtful that the subject matter will be nearly as amusing, but only time will tell.
Let “stuff week” begin… Cheers to the class of 2010!


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