“Beautiful Oblivion…”

One minute I’m drifting off to sleep watching a New York apartment shopping show with Mariah and Roger, and the next instant I’m lying in bed with a thousand thoughts crossing my mind. The street lights of Market Street glow through my blinds and mirror the reflection in the silver Tiffany’s bracelet my Pink Pony family gifted me with for graduation. I feel like every moment is passing by and I’m too caught up to realize that the best four years of my life are officially coming to a bittersweet ending. I look in the faces of everyone and the pure joy of being together is what makes me confident that these friendships will last a lifetime.

Here’s to wining and dining on a breezy afternoon and then toasting our overflowing champagne flutes to a bright future and to the silly attempt we all make to sing the Alma Mater. 9o’s music and piling together in the “chay zone” should have never come to an end. Put a group of Roanoke students in a room with some tunes and you’ll ultimately find fun. I honestly couldn’t have asked for more, it’s the simple nights and the easy memories that make my college years that much more entertaining.

As we dress to the nines and join our fellow graduates at the President’s house we attempted to burn our names into the bookshelves to last for years and potentially have future students glance over our names and wonder what it was like in the year 2010. Oh if they only knew… It’s hard to write down emotions, as much as I attempt to capture the essence of the passing time I have never been able to pinpoint exactly how I’m feeling. I avoid packing away the bookshelves and letting go of the piled up school work and graduation gifts that overflow any free space. “Stuff Week” is officially coming to an end. I can honestly say as graduation eve approaches that I’m going to have a harder time than most crossing that stage and bidding farewell to so many I have grown to love. But that’s the beauty of it… we’re oblivious to how precious our time here really is, and until we see the tears of classmates, of friends, of those who have become our family, not until that painful realization do we realize it’s time to move on. Within the next 48 hours I have to come to terms with packing my belongings and waving so-long to exit 140, Sunny Salem, which has become more of a home to me than I could have asked for.

I don’t have words of advice, I wish someone was feeding them to me at this instant. But I can say with confidence that the ones you spend your time with this week and choose to stay in touch with in the future, are the ones that will be there through it all. It’s as simple as this… “Nothing is more important than this day,” and come Saturday, May 1st, our whole world will change.

I’ll end the sappy sob story with this, never lose touch with this place. To my pink pony ladies, ma ma, la la and ya ya… (that will never get old) I had to hold back the tears because the three of you complete me. I’ll flash my new jewels around in my new lifestyle and realize how lucky in love I really am…

And to everyone (anyone who reads this and doesn’t think it’s completely foolish) good luck. We had four years to live the dream like only Roanoke students know how to. It’s going to be hard moving away and waiting a year to gather again and soak it all in.

Enjoy these next two days, lots of ceremonies, good bye’s, and congratulations to all. We’re invincible for a few more days, and how blissful these days will be…


One thought on ““Beautiful Oblivion…”

  1. Very well put. Makes me miss my college days and all the fun that was had! Cheers to bigger and better things and limitless possibilities!

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