Headed to the Land Down Under…

Gate B15, flight departing at promptly 4:05 pm en route to Atlanta, LA, and finally… After 20+ hours in the air, I’ll be arriving in Sydney!
Bags are packed, entertainment is stored in my carry on and my butterfly’s are fluttering. After graduation I feared fun wouldn’t exist. But, with surprise, I have had far too much fun in Charlottesville. Laying pool side with the Wolf Pack, corner and apartments with Christine, and trying to readjust to the world, and life, that I’ll now be living. Now its time for an intervention. A graduation trip to remember… Heading to the east coast of Australia to reunite with Occy, Dave and Jonesy, the three amigos who I spent the early years of my teen summers wishing I could have even an ounce as much fun as them! This will be my second time back to Australia, but being older and having two weeks without obligations makes it that much more exciting.
My advice to everyone with some free time, TRAVEL! I listen as my mom talks about her time in France and how much she misses the excitement of these adventures. When there’s nothing holding you back, and the opportunity arises… Take it! My parents gave me the best gift I could ask for after four years of getting my BA, and I owe them for this one.
I’ll miss the states, but I’ll make sure to bring some fond memories, good music and maybe a koala or two back for my loved ones! (Teasing)
Wish me luck and stay in touch, I’ll cramp in some quick posts while I’m away so you can enjoy the accents, the pubs and the wildlife with me through it all!
Here’s to my Australian comrades… Here I come!!!!


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