So close…

Yet so far away! After making a friend in Richmond and getting on my first flight around 20 minutes late… I had the unfortunate gut panic as I arrived in Georgia at 6:30… With a departure time of 6:45 to Los Angeles. By some fortunate stroke of luck I was able to shove past passengers, run out of the gate and sprint to my next gate with just enough time to reach the remaining passengers who were boarding the Delta flight. My hand shook as I handed over the boarding pass and reached 37C, there I proceeded to slump in my seat and take a deep breath to relax and realize all was well.
Forcing myself to stay awake on flights in the states was challenging, but saving the sleeping hours for the flight across the sea is vital to my survival on May 19th.
As I finished a book about jealous friends and backstabbing debacles (hopefully that will never be me and my girlfriends in our early thirties) I opened Bill Bryson’s “A Sunburned Country” and was in awe as he made a valid point. While I’m traveling I will jump a complete day ahead, meaning May 18th will never exist for me. 24 hours of lost time, and yet two June 3rds. How strange, fascinating and mind boggling… To me at least!
So now I wait, two hours until I’m batting my eyes and boarding the flight. My arrival in Sydney is the start to two weeks of thrills. I hope I don’t encounter the deadly animals and get to spend vital hours in wine country, near the water, and of course celebrating Occy’s birthday and listening to tunes at the Gumball music festival. Time is of the essence, next time you hear from me I’ll be in the continent/country/and land of the great Australians… If only time could fly (get my drift?)


One thought on “So close…

  1. Glad you’ve made it safe and sound to LAX. Stretch your legs and walk around before the longest leg of the flight. Enjoy yourself — and our favorite travel writer. Love you!

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