Best of What’s Around…

So many things make sense now. I sit stretched out across the pea green passenger seats of the train with my bubble wrap and Akubra hat sitting atop the bag in front of me. This could be my final big journey for a while, since the reality of work and play now must intertwine. I’ll never forget this feeling. Everyone can relate to specific emotions, mine at the moment being a gut wrenching sorrow that my time here is over. As Chris walked me past the ticket gate with his arm over my shoulder I fought back the tears that had been welling up over 24 hours. The british accent, cheeky grin and slap in the face with bubble wrap (I supposedly had a pout that was fairly prominent) I said goodbye for hopefully a brief time. Sleeping butt to butt and waking at 6 in the morning chatting about engagement rings, ghost stories and the mass amounts of spicy pizza we engulfed the night before… our usual wake up to Occy’s early rising happened once again, whether we liked it or not.

Well, carpe diem; seize the day. As Triple J cast tunes on the radio I had flashbacks of our many nights together. Whether it was all 4 of us at Gumball, or me and Occy driving to the farm or for his grand tours, or me and Jonesy drinking Old and New after a successful day of wine tasting with Murray, the Scottish guy at Tyrrell’s who filled our glasses almost full. The final ride home, me, Chris and Occy was spent in silence. A simple feeling that we’ve come a long way. That these long country drives would, or should, never really end. There are certain people who come into your life and make it remarkable. People you can’t believe haven’t been there all a long and that you wish could be by your side at any time. Sadly, it is when they’re always there that you take them for granted on how lucky we really are. As I hopped out of the passenger side of the Land Rover it was this statement that nearly broke my heart:

“This is it. You always hope this isn’t the last goodbye. People say the world is pretty small but it’s times like this, half way around the world, when you realize how big it actually is.”

Dean Murray… You have once again taken the exact words everyone can try to articulate, and speak them for the both of us. To prevent being too awkward I held the lump in my throat as to not have the passengers on the train feel concerned for my well-being.

This land is vast, as are our hearts. To let people in and to be open to possibilities is when you realize that love does exist between friends, family, and the simple pleasures of the world being at your feet. The wheels are rolling, the towns are passing me by, but these two weeks spent traveling alone has opened my mind to all the great and wonderful things that await. It is my turn to begin the rest of my life with an open mind and the confidence to move forward. Cheers to those I have met along the way and those who I know I’ll never lose. You have given me a life full of bliss…


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