21 things to do…

Before my 22nd birthday on July 30th. This is my next task. After the journey of a lifetime I had to set some goals to jumpstart things before work and my final summer begin and end. I sat on the plane, unable to sleep, watching movie after movie, and moping through the next 20+ hours that I had to spend on my Delta flights. But since my travels, my solo adventure that topped most of the events I’ve had so far in 21 years, I have been happier, hopeful and overall, excited for what is to come.

So I made a list, 21 numerical things that I will attempt to complete before the big deuce deuce. Some things are simple, such as finding a signature lipstick color (inspired by an article I read in Vogue that interviewed Tom Ford as he stated that lipstick is simple, yet makes the face complete). Other things take more time such as; volunteering for the SPCA, take a cooking class, see the Counting Crows live… Then the rest are things that are fun, yet fulfilling. It was harder than I thought as I tried to fill up the items with meaningful things. I still have one more empty space that I’m waiting to think of something that will really benefit me, even if its something I can’t complete but can begin. If anyone has suggestions I would love to hear them!

Its fun, not sure if I’ll be able to complete everything but it gives a purpose to each day. So as my mom and I head down south to Tennessee, NPR on the radio, bags packed, I plan on spending a weekend away with family and soaking in the southern sun and taking in the familiar antics that come when visiting your relatives. It all shapes who we are and we must embrace it!

As I passed Exit 140 the memories flooded my mind, the spectacular place that is Sunny Salem is no longer my home. But as alumni, we visit, we text, we call, but hopefully we don’t lose touch. I’m crossing my fingers that good luck comes my way and I continue learning from all those I meet.

I’ll continue scratching off the numbers in the next month or so that I have to take control and keep following my bliss. It won’t be simple, life never is, but that can be half the fun… Wish me luck!


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