Starry Summer Nights…

The forecast predicted heavy rains and thunderstorms, yet rain or shine the event would go on. Live music, big white tents and wine by the bottles. The setting: mountains and linear rows of vines that blended together in the distance as the shadows set in and the glows of the lanterns and lights from the stage helped decipher who was who in the mass of people.

Plans, for me, didn’t work out as I had hoped. Friends had prior obligations or didn’t feel like battling the storm… So like Australia all over again (except within a 30 mile radius) I hopped in the car, put on “Shazza’s Playlist” (Occy I miss you with each and every song!) And set out to the vineyard. I’m sure I looked lonely as I set out my blanket for one and chose to enjoy the music, the stars and the memories all by myself.

The band sings… And all I can think of is how as confident as I pretend to be the days of freedom are coming to an end and I’m still unsure of what it is I am going to do from here. Expectations and anticipations, love and losses, and as usual always learning to rely on yourself. Time rolls by and I can only hope that come next starry nights I’ll have at least one person by my side. Things are far more memorable when they’re shared with friends. Especially when couples almost trip over plastic barriers and no one sees it but you!

It’s a gorgeous night in Charlottesville, clear skies and good tunes. Hope everyone can enjoy the evening with friends, a bottle of wine and music that sings sweetly into the night…


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