Glistening Pink

White tents speckled the lush green field as the mountains and the warm summer sun highlight the flashes of pink throughout the vineyard. At King Family Vineyard in Crozet the annual Pink Ribbon Polo Classic celebrates its sixth year of this local tradition. Commemorative T-shirts, glasses with P.I.N.K. Cocktails and vendors all around. It’s a full day of freedom to wine and dine with family and friends, support breast cancer through donations and participation and cheer from the edge of the field as the players and their horses trample the field!
On yet another solo adventure I take in another wonderful Charlottesville tradition before officially beginning my life in the career field bright and early Monday, June 21st.

Fridays after five and a full day of floating on the James River made the weekend top notch for events and down time with the C’ville crew before people pack up and move on. Probably my longest free time on record, I’ve been able to travel across the world, wine and dine at vineyards, catch up with friends who have begun their lives in new towns and cities, and prepared myself for my turn for the steps to change what has been my reality.

The summer is toasting up and we’re all relaxing while getting in tune for what the next day beholds. To all those who have battled with cancer or have been affected from loved ones and friends; days and events like these are for you.

Whether solo, under a small tent for a few, or if you’re throwing the event, the support of a few goes a long way. Live the days as though any minute could bring you a new outlook on life… I always knew pink was the perfect color!


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