Vineyards are for Lovers…

A rendezvous with old friends is vital and as the working world drifts on, week by week, the weekends hold the jam packed events that keep you guessing what’s to come next.

After three weeks of work are officially under the belt, the friday evenings, saturday nights and sunday mornings are spent catching up on the dream we so fondly miss living. As Emma wined and dined at Sushi Love and spent a luxurious night at the Red Roof Inn, the months that have passed don’t let us miss a beat. For the first time in years the sparkling fireworks were illuminated on screen at Blue Light versus having the roaring effect at an outdoor venue. With heavy headaches and brutal dehydration, Emma and I spent 10 worthy dollars to be queens for the day at Kings Family Vineyard. Oh how sweet it is to eat ice cream on the mall and remember the sunniest place of them all and how nice it is to weed out the bad and stay in tune with the ones that matter! The fearsome will be reunited come August… Rhode Island here we come.

Charlottesville social life hypes up, with mojitos at Zocalo and a quick run through of our lives, Andrea (Andy), Reagan and I went to The Box and listened to tunes. Making plans to do things far more since C’ville is now our adult home. Growing up and moving on is thrilling once you start to get grounded.

Andy and I had wine time at a pig roast, collected bundles of corks, and made friends with Gus whose witty way of giving us his number by wrapping it around a cork in our collection. The heat was brutal but the grapes sour taste added to the zest of the day. Vineyards always lead to the best kind of days, “Virginia is the east coast Napa Valley…” Couldn’t say it any better myself.

As the socialite decides to come back to her roots, Allie Rizzo flys home to frolick through the vines, sip on wine, and document images that seem as if no time has passed at all. The Beetles cover band topped the charts and the wait was well worth it. Patron was our drink of choice and the sleepover brought back memories of that summer night, four years ago, when we said our first goodbye. S.E.A.S. summer girls birthday bash is steadily arriving, big city life never seemed so intriguing. We all wish weekends could continue forever… But 48 hours will have to do.

As the Counting Crows songs roll through my mind, the afternoon show in Richmond with Vixen can’t get here soon enough. Its 5 o’clock somewhere, and the lifetime goal of seeing them live is finally here.

Let the work week fly by, the chaos of everyday life not have the power to fog our vision and to anticipate the next friday that will make our Summer that much sweeter!


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