Through the looking glass…

As I keep jotting down on scrap paper, in my agenda, on my palm or on any spare blank space… I can’t seem to feel the inspiration to write up a blog entry on what I’m feeling today.

Yes life can be great. DC and NY getaways to reunite with loved ones, work from 8- 4:15 daily, sleeping in on weekends and actively attempting to get fit at the gym are all the articles of my daily feed that make up my outlook as a fresh 22 year old. But as I was franticly typing an email at a coffee shop in Charlottesville I realized that by sharing my emotions from me to my friends, well with you as well, will be the only way to sum up the end of the summer and the first approaching September where the sunny won’t be my home.

So read on oh faithful readers, if any of you are left. These are the moments that matter…

“So I will start off with an apology simply stating that my lack in response is not me neglecting you… My three counterparts… But avoiding any potential things that will make me miss our perfection more than is healthy.
At this moment I am being a complete loner, nothing has changed. Sipping chai and reading a newspaper waiting patiently for people to get off work and be forced to entertain me. Considering I don’t have fun on weekdays I am always pushing myself to attempt any dream during these bittersweet 48 hours.
But enough of that. Since money is slim and we can all hang on a tad bit longer before we go through heavy withdrawal… Let’s plan on a fierce rendezvous is the next few months where we can get a few days together to pretend that our blissful collegiate years haven’t been ripped out of our palms. Can you tell I’m bitter? I would do anything to be sitting at the bar at Bobs making fun of everyone and knowing that yes… We are all on top of the world.
So dates and times are up in the air. When someone has a brilliant idea throw it in the air and let’s hop on it. I wish time was at a standstill, or to have our week long vacations where the pictures were never ending and the memories piled one on top of the other.
Here’s to us, our future, and everything in between. Until next time… Big sloppy wet polar bear kisses!
The anxiety ridden meltdown whom you call your best friend


One thought on “Through the looking glass…

  1. i loved the email…and i am just as depressed as you are. plus i am unemployed soooo i am depressed and poor. love and miss you. ps start being your bubbly self bc i am supposed to be the one having the meltdowns and you are supposed to be my voice of reason….on a positive note we dont have the stress of preseason looming over our heads for the first time. could you imagine another season with !@#$%?

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