A wise friend of mine, also a fellow alumni from my alma mater, once said to me:

“It’s a stiff cocktail filled with mixed emotions. You got to take it down and it makes you feel happy and sad all at the same time.” TJ

After posting my last blog with a somewhat negative state of mind, I was reminded by a light hearted Australian mate of mine (thank you Dave-o) that by dwelling on the negatives I’m missing the good material, the moments in life that are worth remembering.

I didn’t give you all the details of my birthday dinner in DC that consisted of a hair in the birthday cake, singing Italians, carb enduced coma and a 22nd birthday with three of my girlfriends… Along with a surprise bouquet of sunflowers to strut around with from an old friend.

Nor did I mention my 4 hour delay in Richmond where I got a little too text happy, became quite good friends with Summer Ale, and arrived fashionably late in NYC for a rendezvous with my 3 bests from C’ville. Cristal by the glass was thrilling, but not as memorable as a big bowl of popcorn and cafe patron, or a big hearty breakfast in Wonderland and prancing around the city, arm & arm with S and E.

I also let the fact slip that I was graced with the presence of my best guy friend, home from Charlotte, where I refused to leave his side because I swore I was going through withdrawal. A starry night at a vineyard with jazz music setting the ambiance made the hours stroll by and the weekend go to soon.

But the whole reason i’m even writing this is to express to you my view on the good life. I sometimes act like being 22 is a doomed age, that because I haven’t found love, or I’m not returning to school in September, and that struggling to find an apartment has ultimately meant I’m worthless. That tomorrow morning at 6:30 am I’ll start a new. Well I’m facing the fact that that option is a pitiful way to live. Who am I kidding?

Maybe I’m on an “eat, pray, love” kick, without the divorce and year to travel. Funny thing was when I came back from my month in Australia my outlook on life was the best its ever been. I was following my bliss and my mind was in check. Why have I let that powerful feeling slip away!

Things are hard, adjusting is hard, but why not take into account that any moment is the moment you can make memorable. Whether its getting a surprise card in the mail just because, or making a mixed CD for a friend so they can hop in their car and think of you whenever the music is cranked up. I think its too simple to say that you’re convinced your life is in ruins.

Jobless, loveless, hopeless… Call it what you may. I’m over my own sob story and have wise friends, with knowledge beyond their years, to thank for that switch of the mindset.

Time for flirting, indulging and entertaining. The night has just begun…


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