“Normal day…

Let me be aware of the treasure you are,” (Mary Jean Iron) Isn’t that an inspiring piece of advice? Stop telling yourself that tomorrow is the day you’ll clean your slate and start anew. I tend to say that everyday after I’ve made a decision that I feel needs to be fixed… but can be fixed in 24 hours or so.

This Summer is coming to an end, the brutal heat is cooling down and the evenings are becoming a pleasant mix of a slight breeze and the sun quickly fading into the starry night sky. Time to put on the good music and drift away for a while.

Speaking of good music, these past few months have been bundled with various artists from all over the musical spectrum. Charlottesville has been booming with talent and is continuing to fill the weekends with bands that please all.

From Nas & Damian Marley, to Al Green, Hackensaw Boys, Black Keys and Garrison Keillor’s “Summer Love” tour, the possibilities are endless. It’s always nice to tune onto 106.1 The Corner to get a dose of various artists, but it’s pure bliss to hear it live and drown out the background noise of screaming fans. CVille has always been a town that speaks for itself, but I must say, it’s growing up and pulling people in!

“Drunk on the crickets and summer sky…” said G. Keillor as he sang duets at the Pavilion and remarked, “English majors… You need to have them if you want romance in your life.” People say the English degree is worthless, in a summer of love… that’s far from realistic.

So as the students continue classes, and the adults go to work Monday- Friday, embrace those evenings that are more remarkable than the rest.

“I want to get on with getting on with things,” (First Train Home- Imogen Heap) is a quote to live by. Quit delaying and waiting for things to happen, or hanging onto things that don’t bring positive energy. We have too much life to live and not enough time to do it all.

Next time anyone comes to Charlottesville (such as my fellow Roanoke undergrads that showed the Ville how to party in and out of the Salem Bubble) I expect a phone call and to show you that the little town I call home is worthy of spending a weekend stumbling around in. 

So for all the girls that are thrilled about Fall fashion, all the guys who are ready to booze and watch Monday night football and for anyone doubting that where they are isn’t where they’re supposed to be, here are some words to live by:

 “Everyone asks what’s the biggest trend for this season—the biggest trend is to have fun.” –Eric Daman.

So be it… some fun we all will have!


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