High above the Static

There are signs in everyday life that stir up emotions. Whether it’s a neurotic obsession with me thinking I have every illness, flaw or I’m lacking in sensibility for that 15 minute freak out… to a text, a message or a clever statement that I feel inspires me to write again.

The everyday chaos of life has consumed moi to the point that I come home after the gym and nap, wake up to brush my teeth and then officially hop back in bed. That’s not every night, no no… I have not become a complete and utter bore as of yet. I’m just in a slump I guess you could say.

Well that slump is broken every now and then! After a surprise visit where the forecast was extra SUNNY, Kate and I played familiar tunes and created scenarios for the shock factor that would come when the duo returned to their old stomping grounds. Let’s look past the fact that El Rod’s made the night a bit foggy, McG and I got in a fight per usual, and Papricka and Lilac tucked my butt in bed. Long night slumped into a short statement… I woke up the next morning groggy and in need of a bloody.

Old friends who are younger and still living the dream brought me back to that little town and the large amounts of drama. But over lunches with the poshest Professor at Roanoke College, (Jeanne) and being the third wheel at dinner with my favorite couple, I spent yet another familiar night drinking President Barbie’s with Candy and adoring the bartender who can never be replaced… In such a small bubble, it was shocking to see fellow alumni at Bob’s and confess my friends, and my own, biggest crush on our former Athletic Director. Better late than never… (maybe it should have been never???) People passed by, connections were made and the days that are held so high in my memory are still on their pedestal.

Fast forward, through music sneak peeks with Stephen Kellogg &  Ingrid Michaelson, my love for the lyrics continues to speak for itself. It’s more inspiring to drift into a song and listen to the witty statements from those who have taken their passion and made it a reality, then to sit and ponder on futuristic nonsense. Love makes the world go around, but music pauses you in the moment for a few brief seconds that can replay over and over again in one’s mind.

With friends moving up and moving on, the jobs take over the once free time we all took for granted. I was sipping on coffee at Greenberry’s the other day with my dear NYC runaway Allie and we just marveled in the fact that our lives were at such different places. With two of my best friends (S&A) living the fashion dream up North, who can help but forget about the times that CVille was the only place that ever crossed our mind.

As I plan to Bolt to the city to play with the creme of the crop, I can only hope that the pictures will embody the bliss of being together. Though three isn’t as fierce as four, reuniting old friends with the oldest will evidently add to the pizzazz.

So with limited insight in this post, I’ll leave it at this. To those of you who keep your own little secrets, or for those who have created blogs of your own, or even for those who tell me they miss my once constant blog entries, I promise that I’ll get better at this. But half the fun is marveling in the moment, isn’t it? So here’s to brushing off the summer frocks and creating your own in the approaching autumn decadence… The best time is now, and with that I’m off.

Until next time!


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