The W, College compadres, bruises, missing wallets, Delicatessen, Cristal, Leonardo Dicaprio, & pure entertainment in NYC.

After a morning drive to DC, a quick lunch at Chop’t and officially loading onto the Bolt Bus, Emma and I settled into the seats and prepared for our 7:30 arrival in the city. Other than the fact that Em battled with the internet and increased our anxiety levels, the ride was painless and brought us right to 7th and 33rd. A quick elevator ride to the 18th floor (after hugs and excited screams) Mariah, Emily and I poured wine and quickly primped for our evening rendezvous.

So here’s the synopsis of the night. McFadden’s brought on several slippery falls, dancing with 18 year olds and an all night photo shoot. But we arrived back at the W only to realize Mariah’s wallet had magically disappeared, & panic set in. As Emma’s eyes shut, Mariah threw on a make shift outfit complete with heels and pajamas and we trekked back to the bar. No luck, meaning canceling cards and getting limited shut eye was the only option.

Eggs benedict, nasty bloodies and several mimosas, along with Bank of America, hilarious taxi drivers and bonding with the police of the 17th district precinct. Other than the fact that they were blatantly dealing with an insane woman (her profession will not be disclosed) a police report was filed and a recap of our night was exchanged. Besides being purely exhausted, we were able to freshen up and head to the 19th district where some kind hearted soul returned Mariah’s gold wallet of essentials.

Dinner at Delicatessen had a late start, but being graced with Sara’s presence, artichoke dip with truffle oil, and raspberry mimosa’s all gave way to the start to a late, yet great night and morning.

1 o’clock rolls around and Allie whisks us away to a private booth at 1oak. Drinks piled up, the music blared and the fun began. Several photo shoots in, we scooted down the top of the booth to be sat near Leonardo Dicaprio himself. Oh the lifestyles of the rich & famous. Its a prerequisite to be beautiful in the city and wherever you looked people exuded an aura that made reality simply disappear.

A late taxi ride back led to early goodbye’s and promises to make the time fly by until we were together again. 72 hours of walking, talking and flaunting was well worth the uncertainty of what was to come. Here’s to a life where none of us know what’s coming next and the pleasure that comes from such ignorant bliss!


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