All I Want…

Is to keep up with this blog to make my few fans have something to read during their relaxing holiday season. Tisk tisk on me, guess Santa doesn’t have me on his “nice” list this year.

A lot has occurred since my last post from the big apple, but there’s not enough time in the day to touch on every experience. I will tell you this, Chicago may not have as much draw as NYC, but I’d be willing to pack my bags and camp on Wabash St. For the rest of my 20’s at least!

So in passing, I’m sure most everyone has enjoyed the holiday season. But once again, its almost at its end! I frantically search through pages in Bazaar, Vogue & Elle to find their top ideas for gifts and then pull out a few of my favorite places to find those thrilling chotchkies. Here are some really, really, really last minute ideas:

Toms Shoes-
Warby Parker Glasses-

Both have the theme of “one for one,” you buy a pair, they’ll give a pair. Other than my newest obsession from Tom’s with the black sparkles or the gilded herringbone, there are many styles that you can gift to a friend & help the movement.

Similar to this idea is the gift of sight, for anyone who wants a classic frame at an affordable price… This will be your one stop shop. Other than the fact that they gave me the perfect glasses- Colton in Whiskey Tortoise, they even sent an apology when they didn’t have their glasses case to provide. Well they sent me the case and 10% off and another card. Now that’s friendly service!

Follow both on Twitter and learn about their mission, along with scooping up some goodies while you’re on their sites.

Other goodies? for cute knick knacks such as pillows, coasters, pencils and other furnishings

a wishbone necklace for $7- Jacobs by Marc Jacobs

Ella.M jewels- sold at Derriere de Soie in CVille, along with Bittersweet and coming soon to a few more in the area! Not in CVille? Well she’s my personal bestie so feel free to comment and let me know you’re intrigued. I’ll be your liaison… Simple 14kt gold chains and crystal embellishments make this variety of necklaces and bracelets a great heartfelt gift. From a local girl to a dreamer in the big city, her designs are classic and charming!

And last, but not least, my favorite hidden treasures from Anthropologie. Other than the mere fact I could spend 3 hours at least just perusing through the store, I’m always able to fine a whole slew of goodies to add as gift toppers. Nothing a little jeweled bag or scented candle can’t do to a gift!

Well before I waste all of your last minute shopping time writing this post, I’ll leave you to it! Hop on your laptop and shop away. Enjoy curling up by the fire with a warm mug and endless caloric goodies. Tis’ the season!


One thought on “All I Want…

  1. All excellent choices, but don’t forget Belk! I just got $60 in Belk bucks to use for a gift for my mom. Also don’t forget to give the warm furry animals in your life and at the local SPCA a gift, too. Meowy Christmas!

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