Let the champagne explode, let the kazoos echo, & let the confetti sparkle! Yet another year is dwindling to its end… and don’t we all have some fond memories to look back on? With a fair share of highs & lows, 2010 was a big year of change…

Whether it was your year to switch directions (graduate, get a job, fall in love, paint a picture, etc.) or maybe it was just another one for the record books. Either way it is coming to an end & why not make it go out with a bang?

You may be heading to a big city to cram yourself in a crowded bar, drink at an open bar and enjoy the mass hysteria that comes along with big city life… or maybe you’re doing something small, cozying up by a warm fire with champagne and your soul mate… or you could be like me, gathering in your hometown with no plans other than spending a nice evening with old friends, counting down the hours and bringing up fond memories… Sometimes I believe that the less plans you have, the better your night begins & ends. As long as you have a sparkly New Years hat, a well-worded toast & something to make the memory stand out (maybe a special New Years kiss or a photo that’s worthy of framing) then you’re set to make 2011 great from the first tick of the clock on 1-1-11…

Now for the females, I was reading an article in Harpers Bazaar about a blog by Leandra Medine called “Man Repeller” with an article called, “Can You Be In FASHION & Still Get A MAN?” Well I may not be the most fashion savvy girl out there, but I am single, therefore why not entertain myself with a page long article articulating exactly what many have stated before. I’ve been told that wearing lipstick makes me look too high-maintenance, that pushing the limits with a fur coat is the equivalent of a girl who wants the world at her fingertips, & that wearing articles of jewelry, clothing or a handbag that is beyond well… a casual dress attire, makes me seem as if my independence is the only thing I desire &  I’m just far too picky. I will give you this- I am picky. I love my independence. And even though many of even my closest friends tease me for splashing on a coat of “Hollywood Red” lipstick, I believe in what Tom Ford stated in that “every woman looks more put together with lipstick on.” So when I am continually the token “single girl” at every event, even my upcoming New Years dining with 6 of my bests, I have to wonder if the vibe I’m sending is a negative one to all peers and parties.

Flash forward through two columns of designer names, runway decor & several failed attempts at finding a man and roping him in. Medine comes to find that many of the hanging sinful goodies in her closet are several of the reasons that a relationship just doesn’t reach that spark. BUT…

For all those single girls out there, pining for a man, but constantly realizing that they just can’t compromise and set away from their freedom… here is what Medine concluded with, & might I say, very profoundly:

“But the prospect of snatching yourself a man aside, it’s important to remember that in the look book of our lives, the bolder the better. So, man repellers, go forth with pride. You will know one another by your leopard-print outerwear, equestrian-inspired headgear, and clogs. The men will just have to wait.”
( or p.130 of the December 2010 issue!)

And with that, Medine can inspire any of the pretty, posh, single women out there to strut themselves in style on December 31, 2010… Enjoy your night, ignore the pain of those stiletto pumps, let the drinks make you suave & maybe when the clock strikes 12, your glamorous persona will draw you in one special, & memorable, smooch! Cheers to you &  happy, happy New Year. Clear your slate boys & girls, we’ve got a long time until this chance comes around again.


4 thoughts on “Bang…

  1. i know you don’t know me from adam, but i really appreciate this entry. i am a 23 year old, single girl, whose soul mates are all either in committed relationships, married, or have babies on the way. they say i’m often too picky, my attitude intimidating to men, and my apparel too “countercultural” as the reason to why i’m single. like you, i am known for wearing red lipstick (my grandmother taught me that i am to wear it, it’s a southern thing DUH), and to wear some type of fur everyday (must be my jewish roots). living in roanoke, va, i am often told i am “too much.” what does that even mean? theories asserting that these objectionable qualities explain our solo status amount to mere conjecture at best and flat out absurdity at worst.

    in a nutshell, i can relate to how you feel.

    i applaud you for not settling. i look at it as if a man is too intimidated to approach me then to hell with him! i want someone who is bold. anything less would not be right.
    i also admire your candor on how tough it is to be single at times. i actually really dread new years, the clock striking midnight and i’m awkwardly standing around, gulping down champagne as my best friends are passionately kissing their boyfriends and then turning to me and pitying me: “oh, honey next year you’ll have someone.” except i’ve been told that for the last three years now…valentines day is even worse, i’m sure you agree.

    i feel like i’m constantly analyzing what is wrong with me when in reality, nothing in fact is. it just hasn’t happened yet. because of your blog i know that this year i’m going to be able to have a better outlook on where i am in my life when the clock strikes midnight: i’ll be confident in who i am, lips red as scarlet and my cheetah print urban outfitters jacket slung about my body and not secretly trying to keep it together as i watch others swapping spit.

    here’s to hoping that your new year is full of fruition, louie armstrong, and semi-pure intentions.

    • lola:
      Kindred spirits… I have a feeling that when the countdown begins, I’ll be holding my glass high in honor of you! I am beyond admired at your post (where’s your blog missy?) and hope that even though we may not know one another, we both realize we’re not the only one out there who wants something better from life & that crazy little thing we all pine for… love.
      Me & you girl, we have a couple of days to fine tune some things and make others envy our ambition.
      Cheers to you!

  2. I just adore your blog; and I love this. I feel like I’ve already been blessed enough to know the incredible power that is true love, but that I’ve also had to inevitably experience the pain that comes with losing that. I think that a lot of the major things in life are about timing, and that sometimes things simply cant work out depending on where you are in your life. As for me, I am so happy to have a new year and, even if it only implies a metaphorical change and “rebirth” and all that comes along with a brand new year, I plan to embrace that to it’s full extent. It’s time for a change, and it’s time to try like hell to move forward. Here’s to never settling, being single and fabulous, and finding a man whose worth a damn!

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