“I Really Believe…

Crisis Creates Opportunity…” states Nancy Jarecki. Pages of advertisements for name brands, surrounded by models and cosmetics, yet there, between the pages of Vogue was a story that was one worth reading. Not another article to scan, but a heartfelt confession of a time in a woman’s life that changed her way of living.

Within the past two months life as I have known it has changed, for the better? That I’m not sure of, but I’d like to say that I have a good feeling about the majority of the changes.  Within 60 days, I’ve moved into a new home with a girl I barely knew. Now that roommate has become a friend who I wish I had known all along. I have taken a huge leap into the roles of my work life, and attempted to take a similar leap on the ski slopes with some of my closest friends. Some of those leaps and bounds have turned out better than the others… Hence the bruises up and down my legs from my inability to stop on a mound of snow, unless I’m tangled in hoses & being passed by 3 year olds who are far more skilled than myself.

In the past few weeks it’s been about making things work. About budgeting, shifting, planning, & compensating for the unexpected. Small things can become something bigger. Like Nancy Jarecki stated in Vogue after a brain aneurysm that could have killed her, she decided to keep her edge, listen to the tunes that made her life euphoric and appreciate all of her surroundings. Now don’t we all need to take a spoonful of that advice?

The details may be vague, but I think it’s best that way. From my last post where I ranted and raved about starting the year off right, I hope that everyone has taken the time to surround themselves with positive people and things. Appreciate the daily challenges, & the things you take for granted. You never know when things will change, when something will drop out of nowhere and surprise you. But with that, take it all as it is.

As a blurb from Sex and the City echoes from the TV screen, “Just below the surface, we’re all raw and exposed.” It’s easy to pity yourself and feel like everything is against you… but it isn’t. Let it all be shown to the world, and let the people around you take it as they please. It’s a year of change, appreciation & a time to get in touch with how you feel.  The future isn’t always clear, but your attitude towards everything will give you that peep into the lifestyle you plan for daily.


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