What goes around, comes around... share the love...

Call me a slacker, advise me to keep this post updated weekly, give me feedback on the way to keep you entertained… Trust me, I need to hear it all.

I’ll be honest, my weakness? Perusing other addicting blogs, with all of their zest, neons, & “how to’s?” Their ability to blog daily, bring to you the “must have’s” and to keep me enthralled minute by minute, morning by morning.

So, for you, my few & fellow readers, here are some of the sites that I die for:







And yes, those are just a few. Given & inspired by my dear friends, by the bloggers themselves, & through this & that during my internet perusing. Enjoy them, they’re amazing. They add zest to your attire, your apartment dazzling, and your daily dosage of mindless pleasure. They inspire me, therefore (even though I’m sure you’re aware of most), I shall inspire you!

And with that, enjoy. If you’d like, for those who know moi personally, I’d love some insight on ideas as to how I can give this blog a lil bit o’ love. Tell me what you enjoy, whether it’s DIY, artsy items, #Pinterest, etc. Any suggestions is an inspiration in itself. Ta Ta!


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