“Live as if…

This is all there is,” was printed upon a small decorative box among the midst of jewelry that adorned the table of Eric McDermott jewelry at Martha’s Market in Charlottesville this past weekend in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Amid the vendor’s that packed aisles in John Paul Jones arena, I quickly grabbed my mom’s hand and ran to the back of the displays, where my favorite booth of jewels was displayed with one of the most talented jewelers I have come across. She’s across pages in Real Simple Magazine, on Young House Love, & will occasionally be found on an early Saturday morning at the Charlottesville City Market.

Having first come across her jewelry several years ago, & buying occasional pieces as birthday gifts, discussing bridesmaid gifts with my dentist, & then toting around piece after piece of my favorite jewels to trips to local vineyards, to splash the attire on a Friday evening, & even to trips across state lines, the most infamous trip being in Chicago during 2010…

To make it brief, I wore my favorite pair of earrings out with my girlfriends to a posh club in Chicago during a business trip to Illinois. A snippet of my prized & unique earrings is shown below:

Tegan Earrings by Erin McDermott

Tegan Earrings by Erin McDermott

Weekend after weekend, throughout the Summer & into the Fall, I kept mentioning to Erin about the earring I lost & she always advised to bring it to her & we would figure out how to make it into something.

With that, I finally was able to bring the solo piece to Martha’s Market & low & behold, Erin McDermott made an earring into a necklace I will always love. What makes the jewelry special? The fact that it’s unique, divine, detailed are wonderful in and of themselves. Yet when the jeweler becomes a friend & will go out of their way to make something better than it once was, that makes you want to spread the word to all those who can enjoy her talent as well! Take a peek at some of my collection & the new & improved Tegan Treasure that I acquired:

Spencer Earrings, Tegan Earring-turned-Necklace, Knotted Chain Bracelet

The finalized product- I die!

Love? I’m in complete agreement. I must have skipped off from that booth, after having spent 30 minutes + at the booth & having to tear myself away to explore the other available booths. Not leaving empty-handed for my Mother either, she now has a simple “Joy” disc on an 18″ chain that serves as a little reminder of the joy in everyday life.

As a Maid of Honor for my best friend Brettany, & with far more weddings to come in the future (that I’m sure of) everyone should take a gander at Erin McDermott’s bridal section: gifts for the brides, bridesmaids & anyone who would like to dazzle all at the event. Erin’s jewelry also is great for birthdays, special events, or for a little treat to yourself!

Other cute sites to peruse for the wedding season… and this is only my initial look through as Maid of Honor (probably a good thing I’m single & nowhere close to planning a wedding of my own), here are a few other sites you may find useful in the countdown:

The Fete Blog 

just a little ditty…

Easton Events

Just a little love to some local Charlottesville favorites & the resources that have helped me jump-start into DIY creations for an upcoming June wedding!

Enjoy the jewelry, the planning, the parties, & all of the little details that make your bride-to-be, or bridesmaids, feel as special as the sparklers that will light up the night on the wedding day!

P.s. Pinterest has become the vision boards of your dreams, here is a little peak at a gift I gave to my favorite couple as a congratulatory chotchkie! The idea was inspired by a Pinterest board from some genius mind out there… (sorry for the poor Mobile Upload quality, but you get the drift)

Finally. The Bride, Groom & a pup named Dixie


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