Ok, it is official. Time to revamp & pay slightly more attention to this blog of mine.

It is all about changing with the times, and unfortunately, my college days of scandal and drama are far behind me… slightly.

As I talked with my friend Whitney, the blogger for Couture Next Door, I realized that this blog needs to have more of a purpose. Less chit chat, more action.

I have always had an obsession with art. Specifically people. From early childhood, through AP art in high school, and into college, I have taken time to doodle, sketch, color, for friends, family, and to decorate my abode. As highlighted in the Style Spotlight some of my artwork is hung in my loft and gets minimal action to the outside world.

Therefore, let the palette work begin. I am going to start featuring some of my sketches, pencil, paints, watercolor, etc. on here for all to see. I have done many portraits for people’s pets, designs of pets & their parents, and other tchotchkes on the side.

I will begin featuring artwork and I hope that you spread the word around! I am more than happy to commission artwork that you desire and make it something affordable and lasting for you to enjoy for a lifetime. Many specifics pend, & they will be edited as I go, almost like a work of art.

Email me at: if you’re interested in purchasing &/or requesting a design!


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