About Moi

An English major with a knack for writing, I always enjoy spilling the daily events that occur… but particularly those that should not go unnoticed!

A blog that began with a nick name, a dare, and 100 days left in my college career. It worked into a time in my life that will always be placed on a pedestal in my mind.

As I travel the world, reconnect with friends, and search for the things that make me whole, I decided that I’ll share the moments with you. In a world of uncertanties it pays to wash away the thoughts of your mind and the worries of everyday life by distracting yourself. Whether it be a flip by flip page turning book, a magazine filled to the brim with images that inspire, or a simple click and scroll to find the words that fill the soul.

Time drifts by and lessons are learned, & that my friends is what the show is all about… enjoy

email: shawnapoole@gmail.com
twitter: @smpoole
facebook: Shawna Michelle


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