Ok, it is official. Time to revamp & pay slightly more attention to this blog of mine. It is all about changing with the times, and unfortunately, my college days of scandal and drama are far behind me… slightly. As I talked with my friend Whitney, the blogger for Couture Next Door, I realized that … Continue reading

Style Spotlight

Style Spotlight See my Style Spotlight on my friend Whitney’s blog, Couture Next Door! You can read about some of the things I adore and tid bits about moi. Also, take a sneak peek at the art in the background. A preview of what is up and coming for the revamp of Big Hair and … Continue reading

“Live as if…

This is all there is,” was printed upon a small decorative box among the midst of jewelry that adorned the table of Eric McDermott jewelry at Martha’s Market in Charlottesville this past weekend in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month. Amid the vendor’s that packed aisles in John Paul Jones arena, I quickly grabbed my … Continue reading

The Icing on the Cake

I want you, my dear reader, to visualize something for me, here are some vital elements: Setting: Collegiate atmosphere (Private, Public, Ivy League, Community College, Grad School, Law School: your choice) Schedule: Class, athletic practice: club or for the school, extracurricular activity (fraternity, sorority, social club), and of course the evening free-for-all’s (bars/house parties/girls nights) … Continue reading